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Years back, people were storing coal and potatoes in the basements for winter. Instead of rushing to a store, they brought a few potatoes from the cellar every day. Usually, in early spring, potatoes started sprouting, and one needed to remove regularly fresh sprouts; otherwise, potatoes rotted. Kids usually were ordered to do it, and, as it is easy to guess, they loathed it.

From those times arrives a saying that applies to Andrew Cheng for his article belittling Republicans, “Why Republicans Reject COVID-19 Vaccines.” The saying goes: When I read again liberals bashing conservatives or conservative bashing liberals, the…

A thought of the day

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The old saying tells us that the fish rots from the head.

Medium is a creation of Ev Williams, and whatever is good or bad reflects his vision of Medium as of the moment. He tried different concepts before, and I read that new changes are coming next month. In a few surveys, Medium asked my opinions. Judging by the questions I was asked, I do not expect any changes that can help to accelerate Medium growth.

Ev’s attempts are futile because he lacks a clear vision of the purpose of Medium.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook to chat with girls…

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It started innocently, but I got into trouble, and it is my fault. At least Ashley Strahm, a colleague writer on Medium, sees it that way. Recently, Ashley posted an article about losing sanity over the cost of her college education.

As a political writer, I have my eye on American problems. A rapid increase in the cost of a college education is one of them. When Medium curators recommended Ashley’s article to me, I read it. I found no substance, only hollow grievances. I commented: “Instead of complaining about the system, look at your steps and try to tell…

The thought of the day

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Jared A. Brock starts his bio on Medium bragging about winning awards and being published in many renowned places. It does not impress me. In my book, the author is as good as his article that was offered me to read today.

To Jared’s misfortune, several years ago, I read an article by Chris Hedges claiming that “The Best and the Brightest Led America Off a Cliff.” Mr. Hedges argues that the “nation’s elite universities disdain honest intellectual inquiry” and sees it as the cause of the “multiple failures that beset the country.” A friend recommended that article to me…

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One may ask, who is Jack C. Lee and why do I write about him? Mr. Lee is an older gentleman who wrote a comment to my recent article about immigration. There is nothing new in his statement that I did not hear before. His response is important because it contains commonly repeated false arguments and misconceptions, which you might share as well.

We were a country of immigrants

Mr. Lee sincerely writes that we are a nation of immigrants. According to him, we all agree that having more immigrants “is desired and a win-win for all.” I wish I…

A thought of the day

Stanley Burnski recommends we read philosophers, not from Plato but the modern ones. By modern, he does not mean contemporary; he has in mind classics from the Enlightenment era. I agree.

When I was 16, maybe 17, I spoke with a pretty girl next door, whose parents were atheists. My parents were religious, so we disagreed. She suggested I would read what Immanuel Kant wrote about religion. Her parents had a book, and she offered to lend it to me.

I was a vivid reader, swallowing many books fast. But, at first, reading Kant was frustrating because it took me…

A thought of the day

Our success in life is not defined by what we know. What we do not know that we do not know is ignorance, the primary cause of our failures. Hence, when Rebecca Stevens challenged me that I might be a racist and not even know about it, I checked it.

I meet a primary qualification; I am white. But I have difficulties with answering the five qualifying questions.

Let me start with “white privilege.” During the first half of my life, I lived in my native Poland, where everybody was white. No white privilege there. I experienced prejudice and hatred…

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Writing is about relaying a message. It is about communicating with others. We have civilization because we learned to exchange information. Societies that are more efficient in exchanging relevant information develop faster; they became more prosperous than others.

In the United States, we have witnessed decades of decline in newspapers and other print media. It coincides with decades-long unresolved issues such as health care and immigration. Many Americans are pessimistic about the future of the nation. This attitude is prevalent because we do not communicate as well as we used to.

At the dawn of the internet, we expected the…

Photo of Juliusz Rawicz by Marzena Hmielewicz. Courtesy of © Agencja Gazeta.

It is an open question who is or was the best editor in the world. For me, Juliusz Rawicz, Julek (pronounced: Yulek, it is Polish) to his friends, was the best newspaper editor I ever knew. His coworkers at Gazeta Wyborcza, the Polish newspaper, called him the world’s best editor.

My first journalistic experiences are half a century old. I studied electronics at that time. To vent my interest in politics, I started writing for the Polish students’ nationwide biweekly. A few months later, they offered me a monthlong internship at the best Polish political periodical. Editors there extended it…

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In his column published in April this year in The New York Times, Thomas Friedman claims that “We Need a High Wall With a Big Gate on the Southern Border.” He is wrong. This column by one of the most respected opinion writers in one of the most revered national newspapers is a telling example of misinformation in the mainstream media. It has consequences: A misled public supports policy concepts that never worked and never will.

A sage by virtue of being

Mr. Friedman assures us he has read as much as he could about the latest surge of illegal immigration. But it looks like he…

Henryk A. Kowalczyk

Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

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