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The good news is that senators have begun talking about immigration. But, as the Politico reporters noticed, “with the surge of migrants arriving at the border,” forging an agreement is unlikely. It might sound obvious, but logically, the reoccurrence of a border crisis should motivate senators to seek a solution.

The Politico reporters explained that we have an impasse because Democrats “for long pushed for (…) legal protections to undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children, (whereas) Republicans (…) won’t support anything without additional border security.” Again, we have heard it so often in different variations that we take…

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Roberta Jacobson, the President’s coordinator for the southern border, is in hot water. We have a spike in illegal border crossings by unaccompanied minors. Adherents of the previous administration blame it on Biden’s reversal of the former merciless policies. The chart in the Wall Street Journal shows that during the Trump years, we experienced similar waves as well. It means that the problem is with our policy, not whether it is executed with cruelty or with soft gloves. Neither former President Trump nor President Biden has understood that.

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The new administration’s U.S. Citizenship Act plan needs to be withdrawn and replaced with a bipartisan immigration reform proposal. Immigration opponents see it as a wishful list of immigration rules that Democrats failed to enact within the last quarter of a century. Supporters express worries that this time it will be equally challenging to pass as it was before.

In The New York Times, Jorge Ramos suggests that what is achievable is merely trying to legalize “as many people as possible.” No one will be satisfied, but most of all, our dysfunctional immigration policy will stay. New illegal immigrants will…

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In the course of my work, I meet many strangers. Often, we have a few minutes to kill, chatting about life and politics. On one such occasion, I learned that my interlocutor, a woman looking to be in her early 30s, was teaching politics and government in a high school. “So, you read de Tocqueville with your students and discuss the American system,” I presumed. To my surprise, she asked: “Who?” She had not heard about Alexis de Tocqueville and his book “Democracy in America.”

For readers like this young lady and her students, Alexis de Tocqueville, a French aristocrat…

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Criticizing the U.S. Citizenship Act just introduced by the Biden administration, Sean Hannity said it is an amnesty. He was right and wrong at the same time. The proposed bill offers amnesty for presently undocumented immigrants. But one thing he did not reflect: Why do we need to pardon 11 million people who for years have been working and living among us? Have they been doing it because of their mischievous nature, as one might interpret from Mr. Hannity’s remark? Or, are they trapped in the insanity of our immigration policy? …

The 353 pages of the U.S. Citizenship Act draft offer nothing new. The proposed bill merely tweaks our faulty immigration policy that has resulted in massive illegal immigration.

For example, let us take page 281, devoted to “Monitoring and Caring for Unaccompanied Noncitizen Children After Arrival.” The authors of the proposal do not inquire as to why these kids arrive. They regard it as the scourge of God and try to mitigate it. If they looked for the cause, they would conclude that sending unaccompanied minors is a gamble that some foreigners take in their attempt to evade the sillinesses…

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It does not happen every day that when reading the Wall Street Journal, I have to double-check that I did not accidentally click on the Onion web page. Or that it was not an April Fools’ Day prank. No, it was Dec. 1, 2020, and the report was about the Nasdaq’s proposal to advance diversity through a new listing requirement.

Nasdaq leaders read scientific studies showing that companies with women and minorities on their boards of directors perform better than those dominated by white males. Full of good intentions, they decided to push corporations listed on their exchange to make…

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It was the summer of 2008. A few of us were sipping a beer on a patio of the new house the hosts bought a few days prior. They had just sold the family business they started about 20 years earlier. It was a small company. Despite knowing that they did not get a fortune, we tried to imagine their next major purchase. They surprised us by saying that in America, no one was selling what they wanted to buy.

They were in their late 40s and envisioned their future in doing gigs from home. Having expertise and business contacts…

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Americans emerged from the election even more divided than before. Both Democrats and Republicans claim that the other side does not have the right program. Both of them might be correct.

In his first speech as a president-elect, Joe Biden promised to seek compromises with political opponents. But how good could any compromise be when our experience so far shows that neither side has ideas that could withstand the other side’s critique? Many Americans seem to lose hope that things could ever get better. Political writers often mention the term “dystopia”; I wrote a polemic with one of them. On…

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I have noticed headlines stating Biden still leads the presidential race. Behind titles like that, one can sense a fear that in the last weeks before Election Day, recovered from COVID-19, Trump again will pull some magic and win. In reference to the famous Access Hollywood tapes released in October 2016, a few weeks before the previous presidential election, I call it the October surprise syndrome. For a prudent person, it was obvious to foresee that video as the end of the political career of Donald J. Trump. How could such a vulgar man bragging about groping women — which…

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