Conservatives versus liberals

Henryk A. Kowalczyk
4 min readSep 11, 2018

Judging by the tone of some political commentators, one might get an impression that the division between conservatives and liberals (sometimes also called progressives) is an essential ideological division within the nation. Nothing more wrong. The split into conservatives and liberals is a rift within the political establishment, which more confuses the public than helps Americans to make educated political decisions.

Before elaborating more on the merit of this thesis, let me focus on a mere technicality. If conservatives versus liberals were a meaningful division, it would mean that the truth is somewhere between these two options; the right solutions would be always on hand from one side or another of the political spectrum. And, if brought to light, in most instances it would prevail. This is not what has been going on in Washington for the last twenty years or so. In science or in business, every time two opposite points of view come across there is a way to sort out the facts, and apply the available knowledge in order to reach a constructive conclusion. This does not happen when conservatives and liberals need to do something together.

Regardless if someone is a conservative or liberal, one needs to acknowledge that approaching our problems in the conservative versus liberal dimensions is unproductive; it does not work. I believe that it is infertile because of etheric and often deceptive meaning of these terms.

In science and in business it is impossible to reach any useful conclusion if reference points are not clearly defined. It is the same in politics because meanings of terms “conservative” and “liberal” or “progressive” are vague. When it comes down to the details of political debates and decisions there are not solid reference points; hence, disagreements become emotional and personal. With the lack of clarity, particular interests prevail in political decision to the point that, with every day passing, Americans’ distrust of the political establishment goes even deeper.

The meaningful improvement can happen if we all agree on the unproductivity of conservatives versus liberals division and express our political orientation in relation to other reference points. In other words if we find other terms, assumingly more precise, that will replace terms “conservative” and “liberal”. I propose that we abandon using the term “conservative” and replace it with the term “capitalist” in the meaning of a supporter of capitalism. Similarly, I suggest that we…

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