Has Musk reached his level of incompetence?

Henryk A. Kowalczyk
9 min readApr 19, 2024
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There is not much in the mainstream media (MSM) about Elon Musk’s wild ride at X. That is a pity because Musk challenges the establishment in media and politics. However, by looking closer, one can wonder whether we are witnessing a genius in action or the biggest blunder in media history in the making.

Just after buying Twitter, in an interview with Ron Baron, Elon Musk envisioned the platform (46th minute on the video) as a place where 80% (100% less 10% extremists on the left and 10% on the right) of the public could join the digital town square, voice their opinions, exchange ideas, and maybe change their minds once in a while.

How many X users changed their minds after participating in the forum? And, among those who did, do we know how many fell for the muddling of demagogues, and can we count those who became wiser?

When presenting X as an alternative to the MSM, Musk must prove that X is at least equally reliable but more credible. Musk and a devoted cloud of flatterers pat themselves on the back on X that it is happening. Others would be talking about it everywhere if that were the truth.

Community nonsense

Musk brags that his Community Notes (CN) concept makes X reliable and credible. Even his fawners on duty at X stay mum on that.



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