I agree that for some people, facts do not change their minds. I see that many climate change alarmists have a mantra that if we do not spend today all the money we have and can borrow trying to stop climate change, our civilization will perish with the next several years. They are the ones who ignore facts, indicating that the occurring climate changes might not be catastrophic and that human activities might not cause them.

Hence, if you want to be relevant when writing about climate change, you have to address the kind of arguments as presented in my article:


Added on Oct 27, 2020.

The comment as above, I posted a week ago. Yesterday, on Oct 26, 2020, 174 Medium readers clicked on this comment, but the total reading time was zero seconds. Exactly half of these readers, 87, clicked the link to the article mentioned above. Again, the reading time of that article was zero seconds.

My take is that 174 readers of the article by Tabitha Whiting were intrigued by my comment’s opening. It is worth noting that all of them lost their interest as soon as they realized that my opinion is critical. None of them was curious enough to at least peek at the arguments of the opposition.

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