I doubt that the author of this text is a freelance writer. I am. Within the last 20 years I managed to publish one text in a regular newspaper, and had been a blogger at Huffington post for about 10 years. Let me share a few of my experiences.

Experience 1.

I submitted a column to the major newspaper. The next day, I talked by phone to the chief of the editorial page. I asked if my submission had been noticed. “What is your name?”, I was asked. The next question was: “Who knows you?” “Not too many people” I answered. “Our readers are not interested in reading opinions written by people whose name they do not recognize. I have no time for reading submissions from authors as you are. Good luck and good bye.”

Experience 2.

After submitting my text to a major local newspaper I received a call that they want to publish it. Then I was asked: “which syndicate represents you?” After hearing that I am not syndicated, I was told that they cannot publish not syndicated writers.

Experience 3.

I called a major local newspaper, and was lucky to reach a talkative editor assistant. I found out that guest writers are paid $50 per piece. Also, there is a policy that one guest writer is not allowed to have more than two texts published per year. Also, I found out that the leading columnist in that paper was paid $4,000 per every text published.

Experience 4.

It happened 40 years ago, in my native Poland. I submitted a text to the publication where my close friend was a chief editor. He deemed my text as not publishable. I dropped the manuscript with the doorman at the best Polish political periodical. I called two weeks later, just to find out that my text would be published on the front page of the coming edition. Please do not conclude that 40 years ago life was better for freelance writers. I was lucky, there was one influential editor, who found my text worth publication, and prevailed, against the voice of others editors. In my total of 47 years as a freelance writer, I met only a very few editors good enough to recognize a good text, and willing to advocate its publication.

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Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

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