I read the first few paragraphs and could not find the crux of the concept that Jeff Jarvis would implement if he ran a newspaper. Then, realizing how long the article is, I lost an interest. But in order to have a fair opinion, I read at least a few lines in every following paragraph. Still could not find at least one idea that could save a newspaper.

What needs to be done is obvious. We have a national divide because every media outlet promotes its political agenda, but none scrutinizes in front of its readers various opinions on our unresolved for decades problems. The first one that will do it, will give people what they have been yearning for. The money will follow. I wrote for newspapers doing that, back in Poland. It worked.

I elaborate on this thought on the example of the WSJ; https://medium.com/dialogue-and-discourse/it-is-editors-fault-28e22a279dcc.

Referring to comments about Jeff Bezos and the Post, so far, the calcified editorial thinking prevails. They cannot imagine doing things differently than before. On climate change, instead of examining various takes in front of readers eyes, they religiously propagate their version of fearmongering, https://medium.com/dialogue-and-discourse/it-is-not-about-climate-and-it-is-not-change-b7f1cf591050.

On issues as immigration, they do not have enough imagination to start and conduct a vivisection of our policy, by questioning everything from the start and asking what our immigration policy should be if we would be forming it from the scratch today. Texts as this one are not to be found at the Washington Post: https://medium.com/@hak1010/the-border-wall-is-not-the-real-problem-40864395de58. It will be interesting to see how long Jeff Bezos will let them to play the old game.

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Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

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