My kids are grown for years now. But recently, I went for a sightseeing tour with a 13 years old family member. When we were stopping to see breathtaking scenic views, attached to the touchscreen, the young man was not even interested in leaving a car.

Mr. Jordan Shapiro writes out of his guilt of not being with this son every day, and not gradually but firmly teaching him that there is much more out there than what can be found on the touch screen. Mr. Jordan finds consolation that in the touch screen his son finds escape from the stress caused by the divorce of his parents. Sorry, the touch screen cannot replace a parent. Regardless if the parent lives separately, or as it often happens, lives under the same roof, but is preoccupied with his or her own affairs and finds it a blessing that a youngster is busy with a touch screen.

It will not take long, and this youngster will enter the real world, which more often than not, is not as in the video games.

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