Thank you for reading this very long essay. Your long reply indicates that it got you thinking. But your entire post boils down to you to proving to yourself that despite the overwhelming logic of my reasoning, I could not be right.

Let me point just a few examples how wrong you are. You write: “Businesses require several things usually to run, especially big businesses.” No, they require nothing, they have the money. They can buy what they need.

You continue: “Connected with this type of employment in our country, is also the ability to have healthcare/health insurance.” You are correct in observing reality. But is it the way it supposed to be? Please provide me with one good reason why my health insurance should be purchased for me by my employer. It is patronizing. It limits my freedom in my very private matters. In this sense, it is un-American.

Then you write: “Businesses are also required to be responsible for the way they contribute to the preservation of the environment assuring that toxic waste and emissions are kept to certain standards.” No, the business has only one mission, making profit by providing products and services that you and I are willing to buy at our own volition. But, when conducting their operations, businesses should not encroach on anyone’s freedom to the same, and should not create any harm to anyone.

You write: “farmers (that) get subsidies from the government produce tons of” high fructose corn. Yes they do, but is it the way it supposed to be? Further you write: “single parents working with no time to cook for their children, make poor choices for the sake of time, advertisers make these poor choices appealing to kids and kids ask for these items ….. this is all part of capitalism.” The only connection with capitalism in the scenario you describe is that capitalism in its principle gives people liberty to make their own decisions, but implies as well that people bear the consequences. Except rare extreme cases, no one is forced to be a single parent. In general, families with two parents do better financially. Why some of their money should be taken away in taxes in order to support their reckless neighbors? BTW, what is the excuse for a single parent to make poor choices when buying food? Does anyone put the gun to their heads forcing them to buy products high in sugar? Again, the purpose of the business is to produce what you want to buy.

Then you write: “Capitalism, unfortunately, by its very nature, is driven by profit, these sorts of common sense rules and protections I described above seem logical and fair, but if given the opportunity to skirt them, a skilled capitalist will.” What is wrong with profit? Without that profit motivation we still will be living in caves. The internet we use to communicate exists only because many people profited from inventing all that communication technology and even more people profit every second from keeping it going. You claim that given an opportunity capitalists can skirt the rules. Should I understand that if we replace capitalists with government bureaucrats, then they will be behaving as saints? Your reason in this point implies that in chasing profit capitalists by nature are more likely crooks than anyone else. It is exactly other way around, we all want the best for ourselves, and given an opportunity, regardless if we run a business, a school, a church or a government agency — some will become crooks. Surprisingly, as capitalists want to protect their wealth and abilities to make profit, they are more reluctant than others in doing illegal things, which can put them out of business.

You are on the right track in search for better understanding the world around us. You are overwhelmed by socialistic propaganda, and as someone aptly described it, you are lured by their delusion. You may want to read some of my other texts as well.

Lastly, I cannot tell you what is right or wrong. I can only invite you to scrutinize my reasoning. You have to make your own conclusions.

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Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

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