The author is right: “it is a political problem.” But the author has no idea where the bones are buried.

Scientifically, it is at least questioned if the increased CO2 levels are due to burning of fossil fuels. It is even less certain if global warming is due to increased CO2 levels, or if it is other way around, the CO2 levels are high due to global warming caused by other reasons. Lastly, it is just a hypothesis, a very weak one by the way, that by limiting use of fossil fuels we can stop or reverse global warming. Even, if I am wrong in the above assumptions and the global warming is caused mainly by the human actions, it could be as with the avalanche; a human can trigger it, but when it starts, there is no human power to stop it. Consequently, even if we spend all money we can borrow, we might have no or not meaningful impact on climate.

The crux of the political aspect of the climate change is in government getting deeper into debt, because we have no money on hand to limit drastically CO2 emissions.

Big financiers love to lend money to governments, because governments can always raise taxes in order to pay debts. And usually they do. In the past, loaning money to run wars was the preferred method. The war in Iraq could be a good example, But this war also exhausted the patience and willingness of the public to support a new war. Hence, the biggest worldwide financiers created a climate change scare, so the public, as Mr. Jeff Goodell advocate for increased government spending, on credit.

Mr. Goodell complains that China is the biggest user of fossil fuels. He avoids saying, that among superpowers, China is the only one which is solvent. All other big and rich countries are drowning in debt. The independence of the United States could be at least questioned because people to whom our government is indebted, at least theoretically, can have a stronger influence in American politics than American citizens. Hence, the big hoopla about global warming is targeted to get China indebted to the global financiers as well. By the way, I found this explanation from reading what leaders in China think about this issue.

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