Will Musk ask Trump tough questions?

Henryk A. Kowalczyk
5 min readJun 5, 2024
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Donald J. Trump lost in the court. It might swing some voters and energize others. Nevertheless, does it matter?

Correctly or not, Americans feel that their nation’s greatness is fading. So, they seek a leader who can bring it back. In 2016, Trump was elected after he promised to drain the swamp. He meant limiting the influence of big money in Washington, D.C. Four years later, the lobbying business was as strong as ever; Trump lost.

It was not the first and probably not the last election where a losing party suspected some voting irregularities. Our legal procedures for handling cases like that did not find any fraud. Even if that could be imperfect, we have frequent elections, so the losing politicians usually try in the next election.

Trump was the first to try using non-parliamentary measures. America was lucky because, in his attempt to overrule official election results, Trump was as inept as he was in making America great again during his presidency. Despite that, about half of Americans still could vote for Trump. Many might do it just because they are disappointed with the current president.

The art of avoidance

Dissatisfaction with the current administration is insufficient to convince a rational person to vote for Trump. However, the core of Trump’s…



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