You do not define what these prejudicial thoughts are. I ask because growing up in Poland, I was not exposed to people of different races until college years. We had one colleague from Nigeria and a group from Vietnam. We bounded with them very well.

But, in the United States, I had a business that did a lot of work in so called bad neighborhoods, where mostly Blacks live. My cars had been broken to many times. In a few instances almost in front of our eyes, so we saw the race of the thugs. Once, I chased a thief running away with my expensive drill; I got it back. Hence, with all my compassion for Blacks, I find certain prejudicial thoughts simply practical in some places and situations. Does this make me a racist?

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Many tell us what we should think. I write to encourage my readers to think for themselves. I write to ask you to inquire. Question me. Have fun.

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